Environmental Consulting

This service operates as an external environmental department or in support of the individual responsible for environmental policy for operations within Spain.

Consulting allows the operation to comply at all times with the legal environmental requirements applicable to its activity, to have the regulatory documentation filed correctly, with specialized consultation services, and to be aware of the status of their administrative processes.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does environmental investment work?

How does environmental consultancy work?

The model is similar to tax, labor and accounting consulting, but it focuses on environmental issues. We act as interlocutors with all the government administrations involved (Ministry of the Environment, Regional and City Councils, Watershed Confederations, etc…)

What problems does environmental consultancy solve?

  • It ensures that the necessary information is available to avoid possible sanctions and reduce costs arising from industrial environmental management.
  • Following surprise environmental inspections, our team will review the inspection report, contact the inspection body, collect the necessary documentation and assist with requests for information. If the inspection is planned, a technician from our company will be there with the client during the inspection.
  • In the case of an environmental incident, our services considerably reduce the time spent arriving at the best solution.

What are the costs associated with environmental consultancy?

The cost is directly related to the definition of the type and scope of the service; in most cases, it is much lower than the costs of waste removal, or the installation and maintenance of water or air emission treatment systems.