Strategic Consulting for Waste Managers

Our team has extensive knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of the waste management sector, and we offer specific solutions tailored to your needs. This makes us specialists in Environmental Consulting for waste treatment plants.


Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions clarify the main characteristics of this service.

The management of waste of any kind, industrial as well as domestic, requires a rigorous commitment to the environment.  Thus, in order to achieve proper waste management, one must first adopt an integrated approach that incorporates a vision of the extended life cycle of both the product and the waste. Additionally, from an economic perspective, it’s necessary to design and implement efficient, cost-effective facilities.

Our approach is operational, allowing it to be implemented immediately: our work is action-oriented.

How does Environmental Consulting for waste treatment plants work?

The aim is to develop a business plan focused on optimizing the costs of waste/scrap materials/by-products treatment at any waste treatment plant.

After an initial diagnosis of the internal and external forms of waste management, we propose the best technically and economically viable alternatives in line with the client’s business strategy.

What do companies in the waste sector stand to gain?

  • Reduce waste treatment costs.
  • Enable the development of new businesses.
  • Evidence of legal compliance with solutions provided.
  • Improve the company’s image in terms of corporate social responsibility (CSR).

What does it cost?

Development can be undertaken in phases. Depending on the number of phases and the execution time, we define the most appropriate rate.

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