The European Union, from a legal point of view, and its citizens, from a social point of view, demand more and more oversight in terms of the use of the economic resources destined to avoid the contamination of our environment.

One of the strategies put forth is to make the manufacturing activities of all types of products responsible for the costs that will arise from the management of the waste that will be generated by the use of their products, including the packaging generated.

Our company specializes in consulting, implementation, management and administration of systems that guarantee the fulfilment of this responsibility in the product’s manufacturing.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions clarify the main characteristics of this service.

How does the implementation of Extended Responsibility of Producer systems work?

This service proposes the best legal option, and develops and implements the best system about extended responsibility of producer, whether collective, individual, by deposit, return and refund, etc

What does the implementation of Extended Responsibility of Producer systems solve?

  • Compliance with the new European regulations related to the management of waste and packaging waste.
  • Development of systems overseen by the operators of the same.
  • Opportunities to develop new projects that improve the efficiency of resource use.

What are the costs of implementing Extended Responsibility of Producer systems?

Both the study and implementation costs of these systems, as well as those of management and operation, are distributed among the members of the same; resulting in amounts that can be assumed by the participants of the system.

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