The Spanish Association for the Recovery of Packaging (AEVAE) called on Heura to implement an Extended Responsibility of Producer System (EPR) for manufacturers, packers and distributors of products for agricultural use by 2015.

Frequent questions

We have developed the following questions to make clear the main characteristics of this project.

What is AEVAE?

It is a system to which any manufacturer or distributor of packaged products for agricultural use can adhere, whether they are fertilizers, special agronutrients, agricultural biostimulants, soil microorganisms and auxiliary fauna for organic crops, or comprehensive oversight.


Where can agricultural waste containers be deposited?

A network of packaging collection points was developed where farmers can deposit used packaging for environmentally sound treatment.


What does "green farming" mean?

The farmer participates in “green agriculture” by creating new uses for his or her packaging; meanwhile manufacturers comply with the various regulations on packaging and packaging waste, as well as the obligation to set up and operate integrated waste management systems, known as EPR systems.