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Non circular economy started in the fifty´s

Non circular economy started in the fifty´s. The world was changing quickly, and another way to consume was a reality. After that, unforeseen circumstances are impacting over us 50 years later, right now!

Many years ago, the 1th of august of 1955 in the LIFE magazine, several companies were thinking about to reduce house chores throw other ways. The solution was to make different low cost products to use in our daily lives.

In those days, our society developed to get to buy, use and waste a lot of kinds of products, because that system transformed us to «modern people». It was a mistake, but we didn´t know it.

In that magazine there are three examples about it:

The first one is about a feeding bowls for pets comes with a wrought-iron stand and disposable, waterproof bowls to eliminate washing up chore. Stand and 6 dishes $1

The second one is about disposa pan, it consists of steel frame and heavy foil pans to throw ou. It eliminates scouring of pots after cooking. Frame with 8 pans is $2.98

The third one is about barbecue grill, is meal cooker with stand, asbestos shell and wire grill, charcoal to last one hour and excelsior topping for a quick light. It costs 79c

At that time obviously there were other priorities concerning people, we were very exciting to figure out new products and services to achieve a better lifestyle.

An amazing picture is in the center of the article showing how we could live without care about a lot of household products waste. We only had to use and remove them after their using.

You can see the whole news in the link below

Nowadays we know that that lifestyle has been good and bad at the same time. It helped us to figure out many new materials and products to have a better life; on the other hand, it has generated a huge amount of waste in our environment. We should keep the good things and decline the bad things, it´s time for action understanding  that we can learn about our own mistakes.

Jose Guaita


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